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The largest sea in the world is The South China Sea, off the coast of China.  It has oil and gas under its sea bed and there are many small islands scattered in it.

" When April comes and the sea
Sparkles as if it smiled."

From A Northern Vigil
By Bliss Carman


The Fish Cam

Fisherman's Landing - Live FISH-CAM™

Sea friends

   My Reef Tank

" But now secure the painted vessel glides
The sun-beams trembling on the floating tides:
While melting music steals upon the sky.
And soften'd sounds along the waters die;
Smooth flow the waves the zephyrs gently play,
Belinda smil'd and all the world was gay."

From Rape of The Lock
By Alexander Pope


A Media clip to play or download

"And I have loved thee, ocean!
and my joy
Of youthful sports was on thy
breast to be
Borne, like thy bubbles,
onward from a boy
I wanton'd with thy breakers
- they to me
Were a delight, and if
the freshening sea
Made them a tenor-'twas
a pleasing fear,
For I was it were a
child of thee,
And trusted to thy
billows far and near,
And laid my hand upon thy
main- as I do here."

From The Ocean

by Lord Byron

CyberGuy |  Free Virtual Pet Fish Download

of marine fish

More than 60,000
tonnes of gold
have been found
in the sea.

The highest wave officially recorded was measured by Lt. Frederic Margraff U.S from the USS. Ramapo proceeding from Manila, Philippines, to San Diego, California USA, on the night of 6-7 February 1933 during a 69 knot, 78.3m.p.h, hurricane. The wave was computed to be 112 ft, 34 metres from trough to crest.

Aquatic network

Get a mopy fish at these sites...its a great screen saver/ cyber pet.

Free Mopy Fish Download


The owl and the pussy cat
went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green
They took some honey, and
plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a
five-pound note.
The owl looked up to
the stars above,
And sang to a
small guitar,
"O lovely pussy!O
pussy my love,
What a beautiful Pussy
you are, you are,
What a beautiful Pussy
you are!"

From The owl and
the pussy cat

by Edward Lear


The Bubblesphere

All about bubbles,
blowing them , science....fun!

"God moves in a
mysterious way,
His wonders to
He plants His footsteps
in the sea,
And rides upon the

By Cowper

Try Nanny's great site!!!

Fisheye View Cam -- a live coral reef aquarium camera

Defoe: Robinson Crusoe

Stevenson :Treasure Island

The complete books on the web


Foam bath fish time


"The gentleness of heaven is on
the sea:
Listen!The mighty being
 is awake,
And doth with his eternal
motion make
A sound like thunder-

From By the Sea

By  W.Wordsworth

"I see the Deep's untrampled floor
With green and purple sea-weeds strewn;
I see the waves upon the shore
Like light dissolve in star-showers thrown,
Is it upon the sands alone;
the lightening of the moon tide ocean
Is flashing round me, and a tone
Arises from its measured motion-
How sweet! did my heart now share in my emotion."

From Stanzas written in Dejection near Naples

By Shelley

Scuba Duba

In the olden days,
divers had diving
suits with air pumped
down to them via
a long hose from
the surface.
Nowadays divers
carry their own
air supply on
their backs,
meaning that
they can do far more underwater.

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