The Giants Causeway

The Giants Causeway , Clochán an Aifir, was formed some 60 million
years ago.  Volcanic basalt oozed from within the earth and then cooled and
contracted evenly causing the columns that we see today.The columns stand
on a base of medium-grained basalt in places over 300 ft deep.  Between
these layers is a brown layer which in places you can see, this was caused
when there was a long break in the volcanic activity which then began
again.  There are in excess of 40,000 columns which stretch along the
base of cliffs for about 4 miles, and at places the cliffs rise some
400 ft into the air.  The whole area has eroded into three distinct parts
called the Grand, Middle and Little Causeway.  About half the columns
have 6 sides, others have 4, 5, 7 or 8 sides and measure about 12 inches,
30 cm across.  Many of the structures have been given names over the
years- The Wishing Chair, the Honeycomb,The Giants Loom,
The Giants Organ, The Giant's Grandmother, The Harp and so on.  

Legend says the Causeway was formed in another way.  Legend has
it that Finn MacCool, an Ulster hero, built it to reach Scotland
where he wanted to fight a rival or meet his lady friend.  To support
the legend the hexagonal blocks also occur on  the island of Staffa, Scotland!

Myth has it that Finn MacCool made the wishing
chair as a boy, and that wishes made there will come true

There is a visitors centre which tells all about this fascinating place.

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