Powerscourt lake

Powerscourt estate is truly magnificent. The gardens were made from about 1745 to 1767 and restyled in the 19th century.  The house overlooks this view, with stone steps leading down to the Triton pool with its 100 ft fountain. There are statues of winged horses  (emblems of the Wingfield coat of arms) flanking a grotto by the pool.

To the right in this picture are American and Italian gardens, while below them is a Japanese garden,  further to the left is a pet cemetery.

There are many rare plants and wonderful views of the Great Sugar Loaf Mountain.The gardens are open to the public.

Three miles south of the garden is Powerscourt waterfall, which visitors can also visit.

Powerscourt Gardens

Japanese Gardens, Powerscourt

Powerscourt Waterfall

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