Powerscourt Gardens

Set half a mile (0.8km) south of Enniskerry (Áth na Sceire), ford of the reef, Powerscourt estate is magnificent .  It covers 34,000 acres of land some made into magnificent gardens as seen here.  

The entrance gates are situated opposite the village church.
An avenue of old trees including 200 year old giant beeches leads up the long drive to the mansion.  It was designed and built between 1731 and 1740 by Richard Cassels  for Richard Wingfield, MP, who later became the 1st Viscount Powerscourt.The house was pretty well burned down in 1974. In the last few years the house has been rebuilt and now houses a restaurant and shops. 

The gardens were made from about 1745 to 1767 and restyled in the 19th century.  The house overlooks this view, with stone steps leading down to the Triton pool with its 100 ft fountain. There are statues of winged horses  (emblems of the Wingfield coat of arms) flanking a grotto by the pool.

To the left are American and Italian gardens, while below them is a Japanese garden.

The Bamberg Gates to the walled garden are believed to come from Bamberg in Bavaria, from a German cathedral.

 There are many rare plants and wonderful views of the Great Sugar Loaf Mountain.

There is also a pet cemetery with headstones to the family dogs.

The gardens are open to the public.

Three miles south of the garden is Powerscourt waterfall, which visitors can also visit.

An interesting fact, many films have used the estate as a backdrop, including Laurence Olivier's Henry V.

Powerscourt lake

Japanese Gardens, Powerscourt

Powerscourt Waterfall

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