Narin Strand near Portnoo

This view of Narin Strand is taken from further up the coast near
Portnoo village.  You can see the sea sweeping in at two distinct angles,
this is because just out of shot to the left is a tiny island.  This island can
be reached by foot during spring tides only when the tide goes low enough.
 The sandy causeway becomes almost dry for about an hour.  
The island belongs to a private farmer still who grazes his cattle on it.  

Narin Strand is approx 1 mile long, at the far end is a rocky point, the
beaches carry on round the coast for quite a way.  Early man settled in
the area and remains of their fishing habits have been found in piles of shells,
along with bones of deer.  The sand dunes are used for caravan
sites and a golf course and the area is popular with visitors.

Narin Strand view from the island

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