Entrance Passage, Newgrange

This is a picture of the inner passage of Newgrange.  It is 62 ft long  very narrow and there are three chambers each lined with massive stones which have decorations such as spirals and zigzags on them.  The huge slabs dome inwards and make a roof  of some 20 ft in height.  The stones are fitted together so tightly that the whole structure is still dry inside.  

Above the entrance is a letterbox style slit in a stone box which is about 8 inches across.  In 1969 it was discovered by Michael O'Kelly that at 8.58am on December the 21st, the solstice, the first rays of light shine through this slit and right along the passage into the tomb.  This lasts a mere 15 minutes.

Guardian Stone, Newgrange

Stone Bowl, Newgrange

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