Dolman, Co.Clare

Although the area known as The Burren is bleak, being limestone pavement
with hardly any visible plantlife, it was obviously liked by Stone Age man.
 The whole area was well settled before the Celts arrived in Ireland.
 There are 70 ancient tombs in the area  the most famous being the
Poulnabrone Dolman. It dates from 2500 to 2000 BC.  
When the site was excavated it was found that
17 adults and 16 children were buried here.

At Gleninsheen wedge tomb in 1930 a boy discovered a ribbed gold
collar which is now on display in The National Museum , Dublin.  

There are in excess of 500 circular earthworks constructed by early farmers
and if you are lucky enough to walk along the Burren way, which stretches
from Ballynalackan near Lisdoonvarna in the south, to
Ballyvaughan in the north (some 22 miles)  you will see many of them.

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