Coast View, Co. Clare

This view is taken looking towards the only sandy
beach in Co. Clare, at Fanore, to the north of the county.
The geography of limestone ,which formed from the shells of sea cratures
at the bottom of the sea 300 million years ago which then were compressed
 into rock by their own weight, underlies most of Ireland, but in the
Burren (In Irish Boireann meaning "rock") a huge area, some 500
sq miles of it, were scraped clean of topsoil  by glaciers some
15,000 years ago.  Water easily perculates thought the limestone
surface, leaving the surface dry, and beneath the surface it forms
underground rivers, carving out caverns and caves.  
One river only runs out to sea on the surface, and it is the Caher at Fanore.

The Burren

Limestone Pavement, The Burren


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