Clearly I saw you.

Fornocht do chonac thú,
A áille na háille,
Is dodhallas mo shúil
Ar eagla go stánfainn.

Do chuala do cheol,
A bhinne na binne,
Is do dhúnas mo chluas
Ar eagla go gclisfinn.

Do Bhaiseas do bhéal,
A mhilse na milse,
Is do churas mo chroí
Ar eagla mo mhillte.

Do dhallas mo shúil,
Is mo chluas do dhúnas,
Do chruas mo chroí
Is mo mhian do mhúchas.

Do thugas mo chúl
Ar an aisling do chumas,
'S ar an ród so romham
M'aghaidh do thugas.

Do thugas mo ghnúis
Ar an ród so romham,
Ar an ngníomh do-chim
'S ar an mbás do-gheobhad

Clearly I saw you,
O beauty of beauties,
I blinded my eye
In case I should flinch.

I heard your music,
O sweetness of sweetness,
I closed my ears
For fear I should faint.

I tasted your mouth,
O sweetness of sweetness,
I hardened my heart
For fear of my destruction.

I blinded my eyes,
I closed my ears,
I hardened my heart
I quenched my desire.

I turned my back
On the dream I'd composed,
To the road in front of me
I gave my face.

I turned my face
To the road in front of me,
Or the deed I have to do
And the death I will get.

Padraig Mac Piarais

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