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On this page you will find links on all sorts of aspects of Love and Romance.
 At the bottom of the page are loads of links for sending cards flowers (real or virtual) and virtual gifts.  There are also some lovely flower links.

General  Romance sites / About Love / Anniversaries / Love in books / Dating and looking for someone / Downloads / engagement / Ending it / Excuses / Films / Love Horoscopes / Love jokes / Marriage proposals / On being Romantic / Love Photos / Love in Poetry and quotations / Love stories / Love tests / Weddings / Writing Letters / x-tra interesting sites  /
Virtual gifts / Gardens / Roses / Wallpaper and pictures of flowers / What to do with Flowers

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General Romance sites

Cupid's 50 Faves - Best Valentine's Day Sites

Hopeless Romantic

Jacqueline's Romance Page

Lookin-For-Love...Everything you need for Love and Romance!

Love Letter Box - Love Romance and relationship discussion forums., online relationship advice discussion on true love romance dating tips.

The Love & Romance Home Page - Main Page

Love Life Radio Network Global Home * How's Your Love Life? Love, Romance and Relationship Resources

Ms. Romance - Romantic Tips, Romantic Ideas, Romantic Tips, Dates, Gifts

Romance 101, The internets best free romance resource

Simply Irresistible Romance the Love. Love the Romance.

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About Love

Door to the "I love you"-Page


Anniversary Ideas Gallery

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Love in books

The Pages of Romance

The Romance Reader

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Dating and looking for someone

"Ask Dr. Tracy" - Welcome | Choose your Country

Relationship Talk Forums

Romance And Love - Pick-Up Lines That Work.

Romance Search: Search for your new Romance

Secret Admirer -- The Electronic Cupid

Singles Grapevine dating. Find love online or offline

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CUPID'S FREEBIES - Free Romantic Goodies for Valentine's Day : Cursors

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Engagement archived stories

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Ending it

C-ya's Relationship Closure Cards and Free Virtual Cards and Contest

Get revenge with this collection of revenge ideas, pranks, practical jokes

YPL Insensitivity Cards -- when you care to be brutally honest.

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excuses by

The Mother of All Excuses Place

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Romantic Comedies A-L

Romantic Comedies M-Z

Romantic Movies - Offbeat Themes

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Love Horoscopes

Your Love Sign Profile -

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Love jokes

Love Laughs

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Looking for ideas on how to do it? Loads of ideas on these sites

Marriage proposals

Quickies- proposal ideas

Wedding Proposal Ideas Gallery

Marriage Proposals Stories and Ideas - Creative and Romantic

The World's Greatest Marriage Proposals

Unique Marriage Proposals - proposing Marriage ideas

Unique hand crafted jigsaws to propose with!

Wedding proposal, wedding egreetings, ecards, cards, greetings

Your #1 Source for Free Creative Marriage Proposal Ideas

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On being Romantic

The Love Blender Romance Homepage

The Spice Up Your Love Life Pages

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The Art of Love

Lots more beautiful poems presented with beautiful paintings too.  More to send to someone special!

Love in poetry and quotes

Cupid Valentine Love Notes

Passions in Poetry - Love Poems Friendship Poems and More


My own collection of Love poetry

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Love stories - real stories from real people... What's your story?

MysteryNet's Crime Meets Love: Mysteries with a Touch of Romance

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Love Tests

Are you REALLY in love?

These are all just a bit of fun!

The Love Calculator

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Wedding Information & Etiquette - Love Poems And Quotes

The correct way to word invitations, but also loads of nice quotes and love poems suitable for vows, invitations and speeches...

Wedding Gazette Home Page

All kinds of help and links, from venue to themes, to flowers and dresses to hair and makeup.  Its all here!

Wedding Planning Guide: How To Plan A Wedding Reception Ideas, Top Wedding

Another site with masses of free advice and tips also links on everything.

Wedding Reception Planning Wedding Plans Reception Ideas Plan

Second Wedding Ideas; Planning a Second Marriage, Second Weddings

How to plan, write invites, what to wear and the correct way of doing it!

Wedding Customs and Superstitions - Weddings UK

Why does the bride wear white?  Why is it good luck to meet a sweep?  See the reasons here!

Marriage Builders ® - Successful Marriage Advice

Lots of advice on marriage

Smart Marriages

Loads more advice on marriages, how to kee romance alive, what to do if things go wrong...

History of Marriage

Medieval and Renaissance Wedding Page

This is a facinating site on history food, clothes etc of the age.  I guess you could try to copy some as a theme!

The Future of Marriage and Its Past

Understanding the Stages of Marriage

Marriage History Quiz

The Froy Marriage Test

An amusing online test to see what the likelyhood of your girlfriend asking you to marry her

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Writing Letters

Mark's Apology Note Generator

Mark's Bitch Letter Generator for women

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X-tra interesting sites!

Cliche Finder

Rhyme Generator

The Open Diary

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For every occasion

Amazing collection of free cards.  Well worth a look.

Lovely Christmas cards on this site

123 Giggle! - Home - Online Greeting Cards

1000+ Free Electronic Postcards at Bansheeweb

1001KingCards send free email cards - Greetings by email

Action Cat - Postcards And More

(Cat pictures)

Alaskan Wildcard - Free wildlife e-cards

ALIEN-UK: send a free electronic postcard

All Business Greeting Cards by Awesome Cyber Cards

All-Yours greeting cards and digital postcards - Make your feelings CLICK!

AngelWinks Heavenly Post Card Shoppe

(Loads here and lovely pictures etc)

Animal Greeting Cards for All Occasions

Free Animal Postcards - Silly Chilly's Pet Postcards

Animated Birthday Greeting Cards And Related Sounds

Astrological Greeting Card From LuckNet

(Star sign cards)

Awesome Cyber Card's main page.

(Very large site with cards for all occasions)

Bearly Legal Postcards

(Funny pictures of teddies in underwear!)

Best Free Postcards From Castlemountains Postcards

Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards

(Huge site with cards for all occasions)

Welcome to the Cardmaster

Cards to Email by 21st Software

CHATROPOLIS - Gift Shop - Free Greeting E-Cards

Cuddle Cards--Free Greetings


Deanna's World: Electronic Postcards and Flowers: E-Cards - Virtual Card

Dog Graphics, Cat Graphics, Postcards, Photos, Posters and more!

Dog cards

E-Cards: Online Gifts and Greeting Cards

(This site gives a contribution to the World Wide Fund For Nature for each card used)

Email Cards, From EmailCard-dot-Com, The Electric Card Company

Endangered Species Greeting Cards From

E-Specially For My Love! E-Cards For The Romantic

Fireworks In The Sky Ecards ~ Virtual Fireworks RiverSongs e cards

FREE! Electronic greetings cards from

Free Greeting Cards by free web cards. Greeting Cards, postcards, love

Free Postcards - send a free postcard

Gardening - Postcards from the Garden

(Cards with gardens, plants and flowers)

GoddessPostcards - Send your fav girls to your friends!

(postcards of your favourite actoresses) - Free Greeting Cards

Greeting cards and digital postcards -

Greeting Cards from, postcards, love

Greeting Cards from Hometown USA

Send a FREE Postcard from Hawaii!

Humorous Postcards From Brain of Brian -- Send a laugh!


Send a Greeting card from The Irish Connection

(my own site with Irish photographs and music to send) - Cat Postcards!

e-cards by Jacquie Lawson - graphic artist, animated e-cards, electronic

The Labor of Love FREE Email Post Cards

Lady Gryphon's Mythical Realm -Mythical Creatures & Arthurian Myth and Ledgend

(This is such a beautiful site.  Lovely pictures of unicorns, pegasus, mermaids etc)

Lookin' For Love's Postcards 4 My Love Cards

Maneki Neko -- the Lucky Cat

Welcome to

( These are funny little animations that you play on your computer. Pretty unique!) free mp3 downloads online cd jukebox MP3 music greeting cards

MyPassionup Exclusive Cards, Customizable Cards, Keepsake Cards,

 A site dedicated to New Year cards

Postmarked from Hell

(Another unique site.  Good fun)


(Post cards from the film)

REGARDS.COM FREE Electronic greeting cards - Holiday Cards - Greeting Cards

RiverWay's Favorite E-Cards- greeting cards that sing

Custard Pie Postcards--RUGRATS!

Send Thousands of Unique Free Greeting Cards

Sympathy and get well cards

The Tacky Postcard Archive -- Galleries

Free TalkingBuddy Greetings

(You download a program to run a talking buddy.  A bit of a job but amazing just the same!)

Thank you cards


Custard Pie Postcards--TROLLS!

(Remember lovable Trolls?)

UniqueGreetings - Interactive Animations and Games Greeting Cards - life

UniqueGreetings - Draw and Create Your Own Virtual Greeting Card - home

(very clever cards)

Walking Email Greeting Cards

(E cards with a walking theme!)

Webshots eCards

We Got Cards - Send One Today

welcome to, for free greetings cards

WorldVillage Digital Postcards FREE Electronic postcards

YPL Insensitivity Cards -- when you care to be brutally honest.

Zippy Cards The fastest free cards on the web. Electronic greeting cards for all occasions

(Fast to send cards)

Back to the top - Where your flower gifts come alive!

Interflora - the online flower shop for worldwide delivery of flowers

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Virtual flowers

Find Virtual Flowers and Postcards at! It's FUN, and FREE

Free Virtual Flowers & Cards by 1-800-FLORALS


Virtual Flowers Homepage

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Virtual gifts

Awesome Award Center by Awesome Cyber Cards - links to all Greeting Card

Virtual Chocolate - Mouthwatering Chocolate E-Postcards

Coffee Postcards at SendCoffee Free virtual postcards and greeting cards!

Gargoyle Postcards

Mail a Meal - Gourmet Postcards

Virtual meals

UniqueGreetings - Home - The only place where you will find truly unique gifts

Virtual Cards, flowers, Holidays, Gifts , kisses, hugs, movies, sports

VirtualPox-send virtual diseases, nose bleeds etc

Rather unusual site......

Virtual Gifts @

Send Virtual Fun Stuff By E-mail - Fast, Fun and Free!

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Free Clip Art : Gardening

Gardens & Collections Directory

Homes and Gardens - Free Pictures - FreeFoto.Com

U.K. Database of Historic Parks and Gardens

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American Rose Society

Classification of the Rose

CybeRose Garden

English Roses

English Roses by David Austin

Harkness Roses - the home for online ordering of roses

Hortico - Roses by Harkness

HelpMeFind Roses: Rose gardening and everything related

Lady Jai's Roses | Home

Guillot's Legacy of Excellence

Just our Pictures of Roses ~ Old Roses ~

Old Roses

Roses in Art

Pierre-Joseph Redoute : Rose Prints

Rogers Roses - The world’s largest illustrated rose reference work

Just our Pictures ~ Roses ~

Roses and Rose Lovers: The Rosarian

Socorro Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses Roses

Roses in Literature

Monet's Giverny

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Wallpaper and pictures of flowers

Flowers, Fruits, Plants, and Balloons Clipart

Snap-Shot - Flower Pictures and Wallpaper

Victorian Art For Mother

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What to do with flowers when you get them


The Dos and Don'ts of flower arranging


Unique Ideas for using flowers in the home

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Virtual gifts / Gardens / Roses / Wallpaper and pictures of flowers / What to do with Flowers

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