When thy Beauty appears
In its Graces and Airs,
All bright as an Angel new dropt from the Sky;
At distance I gaze, and am aw'd my Fears,
So strangely you dazzle my Eye!

But when without Art,
Your kind Thoughts you impart,
When your Love runs in Blushes thro' ev'ry Vein;
when it darts from your Eyes, when it pants in your Heart,
then I know you're a Woman again.

There's a Passion and Pride
In our sex, (she reply'd,)
And thus (might I gratify both) I wou'd do:
Still an Angel appeart to each Lover beside,
But still be a Woman to you

Thomas Parnell

With violets wreathed and robes of saffron hue by John W Godward

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