Do you remember that night?

Do you remember that night
When you were at the window
With neither hat nor gloves
Nor coat to shelter you?
I reached out my hand to you
And you ardently grasped it,
I remained to converse with you
Until the larks began to sing.

Do you remember that night
That you and I were
At the foot of the rowan-tree
And the night drifting snow?
Your head on my breast,
And your pipe sweetly playing?
Little thought that night
That our love ties would loosen!

Beloved of my inmost heart,
Come some night, and soon,
when my people are at rest,
That we may talk together.
My arms shall encircle you
While I relate my sad tale,
that your soft, pleasant converse
Hath deprived me of heaven.

The fire is unraked,
The light unextinguished,
The key under the door,
Do you softly draw it.
My Mother is asleep,
But I am awake;
My fortune in my hand,
I am ready to go with you.

Eugene O'Curry translated from the Irish


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