Did not

'Twas a new feeling-something more
Thank we had dared to own before,
which then we hid not;
We saw it in each  other's eye,
And wished, in every half-breathed sigh,
To speak, but did not.

She felt my lips' impassioned touch-
'Twas the first time I dared so much,
And yet she chid not;
But whispered o'er my burning brow,
'Oh, do you doubt I love you now?'
Sweet soul! I did not.

Warmly I felt her bosom thrill,
I pressed it closer, closer still,
though gently bid not;
Till- oh! the world hath seldom heard
Of lovers, who so nearly erred,
And yet, who did not.

Thomas Moore

Ove and the maiden by John Spencer Stanthope

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