Something Fishy!

How do you help a
deaf fisherman?

Get him a herring aid!

Jack:You remind me of the sea.

Jill: Because Im wild romantic and reckless?

Jack: No because you make me sick!

What is the best way to
communicate with fish?

Drop them a line!

What kind of fish is useful on ice?

A skate!

What fish terrorizes the other fish?

Jack The Kipper.

What musical instrument
could be used for fishing?

A cast-a-net

Where do fish wash?

In a river basin.

Whats the best
way to catch a fish?

Get someone to
throw it at you.

Who lies at the bottom
of the sea and is
dangerous to man?

Billy the Squid!

What did the sea say to the sand?

Nothing it just waves.

Why did the fish blush?

Because the sea weed.

Whats a howling baby whale?

A little blubber.

What part of fish weigh the most?

The scales

What is an octopus?

An eight-sided cat.

Why are fishmongers
so mean?

Because their job
makes them sell fish.

If fish lived on land which
country would they live in?


What did the boy octopus
say to the girl octopus?

I want to hold your hand hand
hand hand hand hand hand hand.

What do you get if you cross
a killer shark with
 a helicopter?

A Helichopper.

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