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You will need:

To spice a  3kg/6 lb joint of beef

3 bay leaves

5 ml/1 teaspoon cloves

6 blades mace

5 ml/1 level teaspoons peppercorns

1 clove garlic

5 ml/1 teaspoon allspice

40 ml/2 heaped tablespoons brown sugar

10 ml/2 heaped teaspoons saltpetre ( Potassium nitrite from a chemist/drugstore)

500g/1lb coarse salt


Rub all dry ingredients together, then pound in the bay leaves and garlic.
 Stand the meat in a glass dish and rub the spicing mixture into it.
 Do this every day for a week, taking the spicing
mixture from the bottom of the dish and turning the meat twice.

Then wash the meat and tie into a good cooking shape.

For cooking the meat you need:

3 sliced carrots

300ml/10 fl oz/1/2 pint Guinness

3 medium sliced onions

a bunch of mixed herbs

5 ml/1 teaspoonful each of ground cloves and allspice.


Sprinkle the meat with the allspice and cloves.
 Put in a large saucepan, on a bed of chopped vegetables.
 Barely cover with water.  Put the lid on and simmer for 5 hours.
 During the last hour add the Guinness.  Do not let it boil dry.

It can be eaten hot or cold.  At christmas it is usually served cold.  
So remove from the liquid and press under a plate and a weight on top.
 The carve into thin slices.

Quite often eaten on Christmas day for the meal
at which traditional Turkey and Ham is not.

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