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You will need:

One florists foam ring, 41 cm / 16 inches

(If you can't get one of these use a beech twig one or form your own by tying soft twigs together loosely into a ring.  Use raffia to tie it with and it can look very stylish)

Roll of florists wire
medium gauge stub wires 20 cm / 8 inches long
1.5 metres / 1 1/5 yards red ribbon, about 3.5 / 1 1/4 inches wide
Assorted greenery, choose from this list: holly, ivy, pieces mistletoe, laurel, off cuts of fir tree
Plus any or all of the following to add interest:

cinnamon sticks
dried apple rings (see below for how to do it)
Dried orange rings(see below for how to)
pine cones, small ones are best
red apples


Clip the greenery pieces into sprigs about 15-20 cm, 6-8 inches long.  Push the fir pieces into the wreath.  Work in one direction and ensure the pieces are firmly fixed. Cover the whole wreath.  Tie a length of string around the top and form a loop from which to hang it later.Now add sprigs of the other greenery at intervals around the wreath.  Make sure holly leaves point up.  Push in well to hold.  
Prepare fir cones by wrapping the centre of a stub wire around the base and twisting the ends together to form a stem.
Bind 3 or 4 sticks of cinnamon  together with florists wire, twisting the ends to form a stem. You can disguise the wire with a piece of raffia over it tied into a bow.
Wire apple rings either singly or in 2's or 3's, folding the wire in half as before and twisting to make a stem. Orange slices can be wired similarly.
Apples or kumquats can have wires pushed through the centre and stems made too. They should not later be eaten if used as a decoration.
Make a large bow from the ribbon. Thread a stub wire through the back of the knot and twist the ends together.
Start adding the optional items trying to spread them around the ring, pushing their stems into the foam.Try and balance the design.
Finish by positioning the bow at the bottom of the ring and pushing the wire in. Trim the tips of the ribbon into V-shapes.
The wreath is now ready to hang.

You can make many variations on the wreath. you can spray some of the greenery gold of silver before you start, spray the fruit similarly or add tiny wired Christmas baubles, tiny wrapped boxes to look like gifts or add mini crackers.

Apple rings

To make some apple rings to use in decorations, first preheat the oven to its lowest setting. Cut some apples into thin slices then soak in water  with a little salt and lemon juice added ,for about 10 minutes. Place the slices on an oven tray and bake for about 6-8 hours till very dry and leathery. Leave to cool on a wire rack.  Store in airtight tins or boxes till needed. 

Orange rings

Orange rings can be dried out in the same manner as the apple rings above. They look very festive in garlands, in potpourri, or even tied singly with a couple of bay leaves to a parcel.

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