James Joyce

James Joyce was born in dublin in 1882, and went on to be educated at University College.  He left Dublin in 1904 when he failed to find a publisher for his first book "Dubliners".  From then on he lived abroad and had a love/hate relationship with his home city, which he always refered to as "dear dirty Dublin".  He lived in Rome, Trieste, Paris and Zurich often in poverty and felt quite a bitterness towards his homeland which can be seen in his work "Gas from a burner", which he published privately in 1912, in which he said:

"This lovely land that always sent
Her writers and artists to banishment."

In Paris in 1922 his most famous book , Ulysses, was published.  Some think it the turning point of modern literature others think it is a work of pornography.  It describes the events of one day June 16 1904, of Dublin and its people, including one Leopold Bloom and his promiscuous wife Molly.

Although he lived abroad his heart was always in dublin and he declared that after his death "Dublin" would be found inscribed on his heart.  He died in Zurich in 1941.

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