Finn MacCool

Finn MacCool is one of Ireland's most famous legendary
heroes. He is the subject of many stories. He ate
a salmon of knowledge and became very wise. He
swallowed the water from a magic well that an enemy
threw at him and acquired the powers of a sorcerer.
He led the famous band of soldiers called The
Fianna.  Ossin , his son was the child of a woman transformed
into a deer. Finn was engaged to Gráinne who eloped
with Diarmuid. They hid under a dolman as they fled.
Finn never caught them. It is not known when or where
Finn died, but Diarmuid was killed by a wild boar.

The Giant's Causeway in County Antrim is also associated with Finn.   Legend has it that Finn MacCool, an Ulster hero, built it to reach Scotland where he wanted to fight a rival or meet his lady friend.  To support the legend the hexagonal blocks also occur on  the island of Staffa, Scotland!

Myth has it that Finn MacCool made the wishing chair  there as a boy, and that wishes made there will come true.

Finn MacCool or Finn MacCumhaill is thought to
have lived in the 3rd century AD.

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