Newgrange is probably the most famous passage-tomb.  Ancient folklore
says the tomb is a burial place for the High Kingsof Ireland, but here the tombs pre-date Tara by3000 years.  It probably was a mausoleum for a
dynasty of Kings,perhaps.  It received its name from Mellifont Abbey when the land it stands on became one of the outlying farms, or "new granges" of the Abbey.

The mound under which the tomb lies is about 300ft across, and is partly ringed in white granite.  Beneath the mound is a passage 62ft long, and three chambers,lined with massive stones and decorated in spirals and zig zags.  The roof is 20 ft high, and the stones fit so well it doesn't leak.The suns rays only penetrate the inner chamber at dawn on the shortest day
in the year. Newgrange is only one of Ireland's hundreds of megalithic tombs.
 Newgrange and tombs like it,date from 3000 BC, a thousand years before the pyramids.

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