Metal work

The First metal objects made in Ireland were flat copper axe heads. They were cast in a
piece and finally hammered into shape. Later tin was added to the copper to make bronze.

At the same time the first gold objects were  being made. These were made with nuggets
panned from the rivers, and then hammered out into thin sheets of gold. They were made
into "sun discs", circles that were possibly sewn onto clothes, and half-moon type collars.
Circles, bands and raised cones were hammered in from the back.

From 1200 BC, goldsmiths began twisting bracelets, and torcs, or rings for the neck or body. One Torc found had 2lbs of gold in it!

Later designs became influenced by a Swiss design, which were introduced to
the country. The decoration featured animals, birds, human forms, spirals,
plants, and so on. The designs use spread to stone work, manuscripts, and so on.

In the Iron age bronze pennanular brooches became popular.

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